EVT (9th April, 2016)
Aptitude Discovery Online Test - Result & Performance Analysis

Important Instruction : Please keep your Registration No & WAC handy, it will be required for logging in. Please also ensure that you dedicate at least 15 minutes to study the report. These 15 minutes of concentrated study of the report followed by a one to one Goal Setting at a USA UnivQuest Study Centre will possibly turn out to be a life defining experience for you. After attending the Goal Setting Session at USA UnivQuest you should ideally have a detailed customized plan for your own studies and career related milestones. We hope you have appeared for BRAHMOJUS to validate your aptitude for the career chosen. Wish you all success!

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Ever wondered what seems impossible for you comes pretty easy for somebody else ! Fixing a broken toy is a pleasure for someone and a headache for other !         Read More... Knowing your Potential for the chosen Career Stream and also identifying your Aptitude are critical factors for optimizing Success.         Read More...